• Help get the baton across your state!

  • Thank you firefighters!

  • Thank you police officers!

  • We will never forget

Help get the baton across your state!


Thank you firefighters!


Thank you police officers!


We will never forget


A Coast to Coast Running Relay

Sept 10, 2022 to Oct 16, 2022

668 stages, 3,446 miles, 490 firehouses, 36 days, 17 states and DC

We are running from Santa Monica, CA to the World Trade Center in New York City and need runners across the country to help. Each stage has 1 lead runner that carries the baton and up to 10 support runners. You can also sign up to run virtually.

All registered runners get the official GAR running shirt and a 3' X 5 ' American flag and pole. Lead runners also get a GAR baton. All items are mailed to runners prior to the start.

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Where We Run

We start in Santa Monica, CA and finish at the World Trade Center in New York. Each of the 668 stages has a designated start and end location and time. Most start at a firehouse to show our support for our firefighters. Runners can pick one or more stages to run. We make stops at Shanksville, PA, the Pentagon Memorial, the Oklahoma City Memorial any many other historic locations.


Why We Run

We run in solidarity with for first responders and military that keep us safe every day. Our charity partners are the Green Beret Foundation, The Concerns of Police Survivors, and the Firefighter Five Foundation.


Charity Partners

Green Beret Foundation


Firefighter 5 Foundation