The Great American Relay

Thank you to everyone that ran the 2nd annual Great American Relay.

Registration opens May 1, 2022 for next year's relay.

A Coast to Coast Running Relay

415 stages, across 18 states, over 3,500 miles, for 38 days.

We are running from Boston to Santa Monica and need runners to help get the baton across your state. Each stage has only 1 lead runner that carries the baton and up to 10 support runners. You can also sign up to run virtually.

We begin on 9/11/2021 to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of 9/11 and are raising money for our first responders and military.

Can't Run? Support the cause anyway!

Green Beret Foundation

Firefighter 5 Foundation


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Where We Run

We start in Boston and finish in Santa Monica, CA. Runners can pick one or more stages to run. We're passing the World Trade Center in NYC, the Pentagon in DC, Shanksville, PA, any many other historic locations. Each of the 415 stages has a designated start and end location. Find a stage near you and sign up today!

When We Run

We start on Sept 11, 2021 at 8:46 am and finish on October 19. Each day starts at 6:00 am. Each stage has a designated start and end time.

Why We Run

To commemorate the 20 year anniversary of 9/11 we are raising money for first responders and our military who continue to keep us safe every day.

What You Get

All runners get a Great American Relay running singlet. Instead of medals, lead runners get red batons; support and virtual runners get green batons.

Hear What people are saying

I absolutely loved this relay! Uniting so many runners as the baton traveled across the country was just inspiring! Excited to participate for many years to come!

Theresa D.

Outstanding organization, communication, updates, photo posts throughout. Looking forward to next year!!!

Mark G.

A truly wonderful and joyful experience following the race from start to finish and what a gift to participate in the final leg!

Suzanne B.

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