1. Do I have to follow the planned route? As long as you start and end in the designated start and end GPS coordinates listed on your stage you can take any route you want.
  2. What is the difference between support and lead runners?  Lead runners carry the baton during the run and coordinate with the previous and following lead runner to make sure things go smoothly.  The lead runner can hand the baton to the support runners during the stage too.  We're all here to have fun and make sure everyone has a fun and memorable experience.
  3. What is the swag?  This year everyone gets a technical running shirt and 5' X 3' American flag and holder.  Lead runners also get a GAR baton.
  4. How do I know who I am handing off to or getting the baton from?  You can find all the runners that have signed up here.
  5. Is there a pace that we need to maintain?  Each stage has a posted pace.  Please be sure to sign up for a pace that suits you.  Some will runners will be faster and some will be slower so expect slight differences when you start.  It is important for the lead runners to get the contact information from the runners surrounding them.  There is a Facebook group where people can connect and discuss logistics, click here to join the Facebook group.
  6. If I'm the first runner of the day, do I meet up with the previous runner the night before to get the baton?  All lead runners get a baton so there is no need to meet the night before.